Sustainability Strategy

We elaborate your sustainability strategy based on the specifics of your operation, as well as upon consideration of the relevant market and business environment. We work together with the management in determining the milestones, annual targets and indicators to apply.

Sustainable Corporate Operations

We design the governance processes and system to support a sustainable way of operation customized to the needs of the client.

Sustainability Report

Planet Fanatics’ Network LLC. compiles sustainability reports in compliance with the GRI Standard.

Stakeholder relations

Sustainable operations call for communication to and liaison with stakeholders, including responsible investors, regulators, partners, vendors, media, employees, the public, organizations, communities and customers.

Responsible product portfolio

We review the existing product portfolio and operational processes of the business, then make a recommendation of a unique, innovative and sustainable product, as well as cooperate in designing its specific features.

Climate Strategy

As part of our complex and fully comprehensive climate consultancy service, we can calculate your carbon footprint, elaborate your climate strategy in line with the Science Based Target Initiative, design your climate protection activities, as well as your roadmap to carbon-neutrality. Nearly 1000 companies have already set long-term emission reduction targets that meet the IPCC’s 1.5 ° C warming scenario. Our common goal is to stop climate change and take tangible steps to do so.

Sustainability training

Workshops, training courses, education, team building, or anything else that can enable the target group to think more responsibly, learn more about and truly commit to the cause. Cutting-edge science customized uniquely to your needs.

Events for in-house and external participants

Education in general, as well as in-house and external events in particular are by now expected to be designed environment-conscious, responsible, still creative and to provide experience.

Social responsibility

Sustainable companies are expected to create tangible value by means of the active role they play in the life of the society. Be that a donation strategy, corporate volunteer program or any other relevant initiative, our team is here to provide you professional support in it.

Community projects, involvement

We firmly believe that the involvement of the closer and wider community, as well as the public in general is a critical success factor of long-term and efficient growth.