Planet Fanatics’ Network is an enterprise consisting of people with close to twenty years of professional experience in the area of sustainability gained in Hungarian, international, corporate and NGO environments.


The “road we are walking” leads the planet and society nowhere. Realizing this fact, world leaders decided at the UN summit held in 2015 that we need to pave new ones. They committed to end poverty, fight climate change and stand up against injustice.


Because the road we are walking leads the planet and the society (and also the economy) nowhere. Realizing this fact, world leaders committed themselves to the UN Sustainable Development Goals in 2015. And we decided to leave our comfort zone and the multi, which we led to the TOP in sustainability, to be able to support everyonee, who really wants to change. 


“Important things can not be done just a bit” – said Péter Popper. We state that doing for the future, working for sustainability are important, so it can not be done just a bit, either. The team of Planet Fanatics’ Network does it day by day with high professionalism, great professional network and unbreakable enthusiasm. 


We are familiar with: sustainability strategy, corporate governance, festivalconference, sustainable events, trainings, community solar panels, corporate climate strategy, sustainable products, volunteer programs, socially responsible investment ratings, sustainability report… exciting, innovative projects, based on real willingness to change.


Our team has been responsible for coordinating Magyar Telekom’s Sustainability Strategy, which yielded success in several areas: The company is ranked among the best globally in the industry by responsible investor analysts (e.g. by MSCI New York, ISS-oekom Munich, FTSE4Good London). In 2015, it became the first among Hungarian large enterprises and one of the first internationally to go carbon-neutral. We introduced sustainable services, which yielded very visible sales revenues. We have organized the Sustainability Day festival-conference for 12 consecutive years, the latest of which was attended by more than 11 000 offline and online participants.
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‘Fenntartható fejlövés’ is a play on words. Its meaning is about ‘Sustainable head shooting’, but only one caracter is the difference from ‘sustainable development’. The blog about sustainable development was established in 2006 by PlanetFanatics’ founder with the aim to clarify the definition by relevant topics.
It’s about new technologies, climate change, society, economy, info-communication, events, inspirations and other things linked to sustainability.
Now the blog is transforming to the intellectual playground of Planet Fanatics’ Network, where we talk about those topics which would us in our work.
The blog is available at: